Everyone loves video games. We said, loves not addicted. So everyone loves video games to a certain extent. The swoosh and whoosh of the speed within the screen make a person scream with excitement and the desire to win the game arouses. The gaming experience is mainly felt through race games. When your race car or your speedy bike swerves around the corner, the adrenaline makes you boil with vigor. Think about the feeling when you can feel the turns and twirls in your body just by sitting on a chair! Yes, we are not joking at all. The device aspect of a gaming chair is the one that provides you with a particular feel and joy when you are in the game. It gives you a realistic feel of being in the field in which the game is being played.

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GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Game Chair
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY. Free replacement for damaged or defective parts within 1 year; Free replacement or refund with any quality problems within 30 days
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Smooth PU leather, added seat cushion, and lumbar & headrest pillows offer
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Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair Pu Leather Bucket Sea
  • 100% PU Leather
  • the Gaming Chair has 90-180 degrees adjustable backrest which can be adjusted to meet comfort of your Back. 360° swivel function
  • 360° swivel function
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OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style
  • GAMING CHAIR: A race car style chair that provides luxury and comfort whether used during intense gaming sessions or long workdays
  • ERGONOMIC SWIVEL CHAIR: With contoured segmented padding, integrated padded headrest
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Gaming Chair Office Desk Chair High Back Computer Chair
  • Strong metal frame designed to help promote a comfortable seated
  • High Density shaping sponge,more comfort,anti-oxidation
  • fade resistant and easy to clean; Neat stitching and beautiful logo embroidery
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Vitesse Gaming Chair (Sillas Gaming) Video Gaming Chair Ergonomic
  • Thicker back and deeper bucket seat provide extra comfort for home, office and conference occasion use
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The gaming desk chair gives the user a feel of being in the game itself. The gaming desk chair is modeled like a high chair with raised sides. All the sides are padded properly with heavy cushions to provide comfort to the user. It is a luxury device. The device is made to provide fun to the user. It must be more comfortable than simply for need. The user must feel joyous when he or she uses the gaming desk chair.  The best gaming chair will give you this feeling. Thus, you must select among the best gaming chairs.

History of Gaming Chairs

Well, video games were invented long back before gaming desk chairs were introduced. They were the craze of gaming stations where players stood in front of the screen with a console in their hands twisting and turning and jumping at every exciting moment just to feel the speed and craze. DXRacer was one of the best companies providing the coolest racing games. They had introduced racing chairs in early 2006.

They had almost no contemporaries in the gaming world when Twitch came into the picture after the 2010 decade. The Twitch had a specialty. They had made the gaming console as such that the players would have to Livestream themselves to enlist in the game and play it. This required comfortable postures during. The gamers needed to be in a state where they would be comfortable so that they can play the game to win. Any weird standing conditions created havoc in winning the game. This was a drawback faced by Twitch along with the huge market advantage of DXRacer.Thus, the Twitch introduced the Gaming chairs to compete with the arch-rival. And the results were wonderful. They became not only the first company to introduce it in the years 2014 to 2015, but also they are still the only original inventor and the bearer of the name of concept idealism of the gaming chairs. This inspired several other companies to introduce this in the Gaming parlors. Therefore, the gaming desk chairs increased in demand. The comfort of these chairs is the prime reason for their popularity.

The best gaming desk chairs are still possessed by this company. The best gaming chair is always the one that provides you the maximum comfort.

Structure of the Best Gaming Chair for the Desk

The best gaming desk chairs are not only for those who are fond of playing games. It is also very comfortable for those who have to sit in front of the computer screen for several hours a day and work tediously with their shoulder and back always in pain and stress.  The backrest of the best gaming chair is usually higher than most office chairs. The regular seats have an average back which is enough for laying your weight against it but not comfortable enough to make you feel completely at ease. The gaming chairs support the back of the user in a very relaxed manner the shoulders and back are supported so that fatigue does not occur easily. The main disturbance due to sitting for long is caused as a result of backache. In a gaming desk chair, your body is pushed upright as the cushions are designed to keep your shoulders straight. It doesn’t let your body sit in the same position for a long time which can cause muscle fatigue. 

The facility of the chairs is the fact that they are very adjustable according to your comfort. They are customizable in nature. The professional players have quoted the gaming desk chairs to be very comfortable as you can adjust the chair by extending or compressing the back, the lumbar support system and also the headrest. The tilt of the chair can also be adjusted along with the comfortable armrests. The best gaming chair will provide you this comfort. The best gaming chairs will always have this facility.

The desk is usually fixed in these forms. The gaming desk chair thus must be flexible for movement in all position directions to play properly. No office chair or any regular ones can be as flexible as the gaming desk chairs. It is designed to move in about 165 degrees of angle in the tilt and also keep the armrests in an adjustable angle too. The lumbar support can be moved up and down and fixed according to the comfort of the user. The desk chair will make your sitting experience a marvelous one which is impossible to forget.

The key to the success of the Gaming Deck Chair is comfort. This is what the inventors aimed to achieve and in which they succeeded.  The gaming chair was invented. The best gaming desk chairs use this key to success.

Office Chair or Gaming Chair: Comfort Zone

It doesn’t really matter if you are an incessant worker at your desk or a gaming addict. Sitting in front of a computer screen is a habit common to both of you. A gamer had to consider an office chair before getting into the game professionally to be comfortable. Now, the days have come when the office workers need a gaming chair to be comfortable at their desks. Whether a classy one or a swanky one, it doesn’t really matter. The thought has crossed your mind when you were on your quest to find your dream chair. The best desk chair will give you a particular thrill which only the best gaming chair can give you.

The key differences between an office and a gaming desk chair involve the fact that if you buy the best gaming chair you will notice that it is much more adjustable. The backrest and headrest of a gaming chair are more extendable than the office chair. The seats are flat and the pillows are usually fixed in the Gaming chairs. And yes, a gaming chair will always be more colorful than your regular office chair.

Colors are a huge difference in noticing an office chair and a gaming chair. The colors of the Gaming desk chairs are always very flashy. It will always be more comfortable than a regular office chair. The best gaming desk chairs are always an option in both gaming stations and the office. The best gaming chair for you will always be perfect for you in all situations.

Types of Gaming Chairs

Well, gaming chairs come in various designs. Some of them are:

Bucket Seat Design

Okay, in this design the sides of the chair would be lifted high up. It does really look classic like a racing car. But in the end, you’ll be scratching your head and thinking why are the sides high. Well, the design was made in relevance to the real racing cars. The actual racing cars have raised sides to keep the restricted movement for the drivers. The real-life situation demands this as the driver is actually driving but in the Gaming World, the gamers actually need to move a bit for sitting and there is no chance of an accident.

This seat cradles you like you are really in a racing car in real life. It raises the emotion if the player is very important in any game. The feel of being in the true game or in an actual racing car cannot be described only through words if you do not have the experience of sitting in this particular design. This is a feature of the best gaming chair. All the best gaming chairs have this design.

If you have the habit of sitting crossed legs or with both legs on the chair, this chair will restrict the blood flow in your legs. It can cause discomfort of a certain sort which is not intended for any gamer. Also, for people with larger proportions have problems while sitting in this kind of Gaming Chairs. The raised sides and limited sitting space create discomfort for them.

In this case, the regular office chair is much more comfortable. The raised sides of the office chairs are now relaxing as they are not only made out of foam but of various fabrics blended together. The gaming desk chairs are usually made out of foam, leather or mesh fabric only. This makes the sides tough in case of the bucket design and reduces comfort.

The bucket design is not as good as an office chair. The restricted movement makes it fit only for a gamer, not an office worker. The raised sides pose as the major problem for this restricted movement.

Raised Front Lip

The raised front lip design is an exclusive design for Gaming Chairs. This is also a rented design from an actual racing car that serves the purpose of racing in the rally very well and is also well suited for gamers. In an actual racing car, the front elevation of the seat, helps the driver to reach the gas pedals easily. It keeps the driver fixed in his position quite strongly and it is a smart design. The reason for staying it as so because it provides convenience and keeps the driver safe as well. The elevated front lip has the same effect as a bucket seat. It provides the user with the actual feel of being in a racing car and elevates his or her emotions while playing a racing game. This is a design of the gaming desk chair.

An office chair with the same design is not quite fit. The proper office position would be sitting with your knees at a right angle and a waterfall seat edge. If both the designs are combined, nothing would beat the comfort of that chair. It reduces the strain on the thighs and prevents numbness. An office chair with a raised front but the lowered side is always a very good option for any user. Your bottoms and sides would be very comfortable if you use this kind of chair, whether it be for gaming purposes or for office hours.

Detachable Lumbar and Head Pillows

Certain gaming desk chairs are available with detachable lumbar and head pillows. Well, the normal or the usual ones do not have this facility. In most cases, the lumbar and the head pillows of a gaming deck chair is fixed. But does this really serve any purpose? The lumbar rest and the back pillows when can be adjusted, add a new dimension of comfort for the gamer or the office user simultaneously. It provides cushioning for you back for which it is acutely in need of.

The research was done on the effects of external pillows and rest. The report was promising. The improvement allowed the neutral spine and comfort of lower back pain. The lumbar pillow was cut out in the very center to create a space for the pelvis region. It is composed of a black or a roll which is perfect for the posterior alignment of your spine. The detachable pillows can be moved up or down to create comfort as necessary for the user. The customizable nature can cause wonders in providing comfort to the user in all cases. 

Thus, we can conclude that it is a very helpful design which helps with the lumbar pain and discomfort. It can easily be used as an office chair. This type of gaming desk chair is more versatile than any ordinary or regular office chair. The office chair with a raised area for the neck along with the given design provides maximum comfort to the user in the office and gaming space alike. The superior back comfort is the prime reason for the success of the design of detachable lumbar and pillows. The best gaming desk chairs usually follow this design.

Winged Backrest

Another step towards the proper design of a gaming chair is the development of a winged backrest. Its design is borrowed from an actual car seat which is specially modeled to keep your body in a fixed position during sharp turns. This design is perfect for a car but the issue lies in the fact that the most exciting or realistic game won’t ever give you the feel of being in an actual race track. This prevents the violent swaying of your body from one side to the other. This is the major drawback of this design. The pros and cons of this device are the same as the bucket seat model. It provides you with the exact feel of being in a race car but without any purpose. The wicked gaming case is perfect in looks as well as the design but the purpose of the device is not that well served. It is not actually proved that this kind of gaming chair is very good for the user.  The true purpose of providing comfort is not well served in this model. It remains a mystery what good this type of Gaming Desk Chair designs provide to help the user. Other than this it can be the best gaming chair available.

The regular office chair is better than this design just due to the same reasons as the bucket seat model. It can cause cramps in the legs and the waist as well. Even the upper body movement is restricted in this design. Most people with large proportions face problems in using this winged seat design. They must look at chairs with extra-large wings to compensate for the problem by buying chairs with extra-large wings. The best gaming chairs must not have these problems. The gaming chairs must be made for user comfort.

Fixed Headrest

Many gaming chairs have a fixed headrest with a high back which supports the players’ head. The facilitation of having a removable pillow headrest is also available to keep the neck in position and in comfort. It cradles the back of the user and is better than the most office chairs. It feels like a bed for the office users and gamers alike with a backboard. The headrest offers more comfort and relaxation than a chair which is not in a recliner position. Many office chairs may have headrests that are adjustable in height, angle, and other factors. But the presence of these facilities in office chairs never diminishes the fact that the Gaming chairs were the first to offer this design and they provide an entirely different level of comfort. Most of the best gaming desk chairs follow these designs. The best gaming chair if the world follows this design.

Headrests are really good ideas and the flexible ones are always better than rigid designs. If you have the habit of leaning back too often, this will be the dream chair for you. It is a proper step towards the ergonomics of gaming chairs. The best gaming desk chairs must follow this design.

Gaming Chair Backrest Recline

Most gaming desk chairs come with a high level of backrest recline, some even as far back as 180 degrees to create a makeshift bed. There is a lot of conflicting advice on just what the most ergonomic way to sit is. You’ve most likely heard the old saying “sit up straight” many times, though how does that really hold up scientifically when it comes to long-term comfort and ergonomics?

Well, as it turns out, sitting in a reclined position puts the least strain and wear on your discs according to studies. This is especially pertinent if you’re prone to back pain. Canadian researcher Waseem Amir Bashir used MRI scans to examine the amount of pressure different sitting postures exerted on the spine. It turned out the least strenuous angle was a seated position with the backrest reclined at 135 degrees. This groundbreaking research has the possibility to impact the design of backrests in all ergonomic office chairs. This research makes these criteria important for the best gaming desk chairs.

Pressure on the disc and back based on sitting posture and angle. 135 degrees is Ideal. For gamers that can easily spend many hours seated, a chair with a high degree of recline would seem critical to help avoid backaches and even injuries. Many standard office chairs – especially leather executive chairs- are very restricted when it comes to the backrest, and either only rocks or reclines a small amount. Gaming chairs, on the other hand, are in general much more versatile in this respect, even the budget ones.

Bottom Line: Most gaming chairs with a high reclining backrest is conducive to long-term back comfort and avoidance of back pain. The best chair has these designs. The best gaming chairs provide maximum comfort. The best gaming chairs are the ones that will relax your body. The best gaming chairs will let your body rest in a condition that is fit for rest and relaxation.

More Adjustable Armrests

The final structure which remains to be discussed is the armrests. The gaming chairs have a lot of options in regard to the designs of the armrests.  It is very common to find the two-dimensional or even three-dimensional armrests in the desk chairs. The height, depth, and angle of the armrest can be adjusted according to one’s comfort. Various positions can be adopted because of the flexibility of the armrests. The armrests are indeed a step towards the developed ergonomics of the chairs. It allows the hand to be in a very relaxing V-shaped position.  It is the best possible position to hold a controller, console or mouse. Typing and controlling become easier in this type of armrest. All the best gaming desk chairs must have this

Gaming desk chairs have more adjustable armrests than the regular office chairs. The common office chairs at the same price do not provide the same level of comfort as this design of gaming chairs. The best gaming desk chairs can give you a high level of comfort.

Some famous models and best sellers.



Rating is 4.0 stars out of 5.

The cost is $129.99 without shipping costs.

It is a High back swivel Desk Video Gaming Chair with Adjustable Headrest and a proper lumbar support. Three-dimensional armrest is present. This chair can be reclined to 170°  or used as a rocker.

The special features are:

  • It is a very comfortable chair with large seats, good cushions and high-density foam armrests which are wide and very thick. The headrest pillow is soft and comfy.
  • A strong frame made of metal, and a weight capacity of 300 pounds, makes this chair very sturdy and reliable.
  • The material on the chair is smooth PU leather over high-density foam, making it durable and resilient. Easy to clean and excellent wearability. The premium foam provides hours of comfort while playing your favorite game.
  • This gaming desk chair is very safe. It is mounted on three very sturdy gas cylinders that are attached to caster wheels for easy moving.
  • The chair can be moved back to a very high degree. The swivel value can extend up to almost 360 degrees. The caster wheels are smooth and protect the floor from scratches.
  • Even if there are issues with the product, the manufacturer offers a no questions asked warranty. Customers should register their product directly with GTracing upon completion of your purchase.

This is one of the best gaming desk chairs. The best gaming chair has similar features. This gaming chair is found in six colors: A-red, B-black, blue, blue-B, grey and white.

GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Game Chair
GTRACING Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Game Chair

GTRACING is dedicated to make the best gaming chair for pro gamers.


Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair Pu Leather Bucket Sea

Rating is 3.8 stars out of 5 stars.

The cost is $139 excluding shipping cost.

This gaming chair is a high back device with a breather bucket seats and contains a headrest similar to that of an office chair. The lumbar support is like the one of an executive desk chair and contains a footrest too.

The special features are:

  • The product is 100 percent pure leather.
  • This gaming chair is one of the best as it can be swiveled in a backward position to. adjust the backrest and headrest.  The 360-degree swivel freedom provides you with enough flexibility in front of your computer screen.
  • The armrest is very comfortable and removable headrest pillows are present. 
  • The lumbar cushion makes sure that the neck and waist are in complete comfort whenever you learn on it.
  • In Spite of being a bucket seat model, the high-quality leather and thick padding provide you enough comfort for an intense and long gaming challenge. The whole Racing suit can provide you enough comfort of work or play for several hours at a stretch.
  • The frame of holding is very sturdy with three gas cylinders and has a maximum weight carrying capability.
  • The device has a warranty of one year. In a case of any malfunction within the first year, the company is bound to change it. Grounds of sheer dislike can also cause you to change the Gaming chair.

This is one of the best gaming desk chairs and it is available in two colors, blue and black. The link to find this product is here.

Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair
Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair

This gaming chair have 90-180 degree adjustable backrest which ban be adjusted to meet comfort of your back. 360° swivel function offer you a freedoom from computer to bookcase.


OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style

Rating is 4 stars out of 5 stars.

The cost is $551 including the shipping cost.

This Gaming Desk Chair is of Racing style with leather seats. It has an ergonomic Swivel computer with a chair which serves the purpose of office and game. It is one of the best gaming desk chairs.

The special features are:

  • The race styled car provides luxury and comfort at the same time due to it structure. It gives enough comfort during the long working days and intensive gaming sessions too.
  • The padding is segmented by contour l; the Headrest is usually padded and the arms rests are soft too. The quality of this gaming chair is very good, and it allows the user to use it for several hours long. It is one of the best gaming desk chairs.
  • The features are all adjustable. The self recliner, the backflip mechanism, the 369-degree swivel all can be controlled at the wish of the user.
  • The seats are made out of leather and mesh which are usually contrasting in colors and material. The style thus made is aggressive and cool.
  • The weight capacity of this gaming chair is quite high. It can carry up to 260 pounds of weight and the effect of use is long-lasting.
  • The gaming chair is guaranteed for an entire lifetime.

This is also among one of the best gaming desk chairs and is available in nine different colors.  The gaming chair follows this design. The colors are black, blue, pink, green, gray, purple, red, red/white, and white. The link to find this gaming desk chair is right here.

OFM Essentials Collection High-Back Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair
OFM Essentials Collection High-Back Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair

A race car style chair that provides luxury and comfort whether used during intense gaming sessions or long workdays.


The rating is 4.1 stars out of 5 stars.

The cost of the Gaming Chair is $125. 

This Gaming chair can be easily used as an office chair because of its high back and adjustable features. It has a PC chair with a good headrest, a masseuse, adjustable lumbar support and a footrest that is retractable by nature. The design is that of the best gaming chair.

The special features of this gaming chair are:

  • The Strong Metal frame provides for a good sitting experience. The posture if sitting us maintained quite well in this model. The foam density of the sponge is very high, more comfortable, oxidation proof, and resistant towards elasticity. The leather seats are very pure and extremely comfortable. The stitches are very neat and strong. The logo itself is very classy.
  • The high back hugs the body to avoid back pain and lumbar support, the headrest is detachable. Not only this, but the lumbar support and the Headrest are free with the entire product. This provides huge comfort to the user. It reduces muscle fatigue by sitting for a very long time.
  • The chair is reclining and swiveling. The chair is perfect with resilient features that allow the device to be a perfect comfort zone. The buoyancy provides allows the chair to rock slowly and thus ensures you a safe and relaxing nap whenever you need it.
  • This chair is explosion-proof. The base is very strong and contains castor wheels. The device has a great Stability and the mobility quotient is also very high. This makes it an excellent chair for both office and gaming purposes.
  • The frame guarantee is for an entire lifetime. However other malfunctions are replaced within the first thirty days. There is a thirteen-month warranty on the other parts. Other than that, the service providers aim to provide the best services for the users.

This particular desk chair is available in eight colors. This is among the best gaming desk chairs. The colors are black, blue, camo, gray, orange, pink, red and white. The link for this gaming device is as follows:

Gaming Chair Office Desk Chair High Back Computer Chair
Gaming Chair Office Desk Chair High Back Computer Chair

Strong metal frame designed to help promote a comfortable seated position.

Waleaf Vitesse Gaming chair

The rating is 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.

The cost of this Gaming Chair is $102.

This desk chair has a computerized desk along with a chair with a high back. The design of the chair is borrowed from that if a racing car seat with a comfortable chair swivel and a classic leather chair. The chair has lumbar support and a proper headrest.

The special features of this Gaming Chair are:

  • The seat design is that of the bucket seat design. It can be well adapted for uses at home, office and the conference too. This is a good example of a gaming desk chair.
  • The swivel degree is that of 360 degrees.  The backrest is adjustable and has a safety angle of 90 degrees to 180 degrees. The explosion-proof gas lift is of Class three degree. The wheels are caster kept. It never makes any scratches on the floor.
  • The headrest pillow is removable along with the lumbar rest cushion. The three points support system carries the head, the spine, and the lumbar region with accuracy so that harm is not caused to any of them. It is a stress-free device.
  • The load capacity is about 300 pounds. The  Seating area Dimension is 14.5” x 21” (W X D), Backrest dimension is  22” x 32” (W X L). The Adjustable seat height is 13.7”-18.5”.
  • The period of warranty is within 90 days for replacement facilities. Quality defects or free replacement can be done within these ninety days. Any other problems can be approved directly to the service providers of the desk chair. A replacement is usually sent in case of valid complaints or the order is refunded.

This is one of the best gaming desk chairs. This is the model of the best gaming chair. It is available in five different colors. The colors are two types of blacks, two types of red and blue design. The link to this Desk Chair is located here.

Vitesse Gaming Chair (Sillas Gaming) Video Gaming Chair Ergonomic
Vitesse Gaming Chair (Sillas Gaming) Video Gaming Chair

Thicker back and deeper bucket seat provide extra comfort for home, office and conference occasion use.

Polar Aurora

Polar Aurora Gaming Chair Racing Style High-Back PU Leather

The rating is 4.2 stars out of 5 stars.

The cost of this Gaming Chair is $82. 

The Polar Aurora Gaming Chair is that of a Racing car seat. It is composed of a furnished leather seat with a computerized desk along with a chair. The style is of executive design. The headrest and lumbar support are of executive design. It is very comfortable to use. It becomes the best gaming chair for use.

The special features of this Gaming Chair are:

  • The swivel function of the Gaming Chair is very good with a degree of 360. It has multiple caster wheels that can move freely and without any noise.
  • The new racing version provides a high level of comfort due to the presence of padded cushions and gives the user an even more luxurious experience.
  • The recline angle is between 90 degrees to 160 degrees in which the comfort level of the worker or the gamer is really high. The relaxing experience makes it really enjoyable to sit at for long durations 
  • The leather gaming chair is highly adjustable to one’s preference. A pneumatic seat height adjustment facility for the comfort of every particular individual makes it possible to reconfigure your desk, table, or workstation.
  • The lumbar rest and the backrest are very comfortable. The high backrest is very good for the user and keeps the back of the user in a particular posture that is beneficial to the user. The armrest is high and comfortable too. The assembling time of the entire gaming chair is very low. You can assemble the entire device in about ten to fifteen minutes only.

Thus this is also among one of the best choices for the gaming chair. The above-stated model is available in eight colors. The colors are black, white, blue, blue with black, gray with black, red, red and black, and finally white and black. The link for the given model

Polar Aurora Gaming Chair Racing Style High-Back PU Leather
Polar Aurora Gaming Chair Racing Style High-Back PU Leather

Swivel Function: Ergonomic Gaming Chair equipped with a 360 degree multi directional casters that can move smoothly and quietly on the floor.


Furmax Office Chair Desk Leather Gaming Chair, High Back Ergonomic

The rating is 4.1 stars out of 5 stars.

The cost of this Gaming chair is $ 109.

The Furmax Office Chair with a desk and is both an office and a gaming facility. The back of the chair is very high with adjustable features which make it apt for Gaming purposes. The design is Swivel, and the executive has an adjustable Headrest which is similar to that of a computer chair. The lumbar support is also adjustable in this case. This makes this an example of the best gaming chair.

The entire delivery package contains a racing-style chair, installation hardware facilities along with hardware tools. The installation manual is also provided along with this.

The special features of this chair are:

  • The back is quite high for an office chair and the seat is that of bucket type. This provides immense comfort to the one sitting on it for a longer duration of time.
  • The base is very strong with high eating and has a swivel degree of 360. Te chair runs quite smoothly on the wheels without making scratches on the floor and has a padded seat which is very thick and the backrest is almost two inches thick. All of these adaptations are for a comfortable sitting experience.
  • The maximum weight capacity is 280 lbs. The other measurements include Pneumatic seat-height adjustment: 15.2” -18.3” Seating area dimension: 19.8” X 19.8” Backrest size: 19.8” X 26.5”
  • The chair can be rocked to and fro in its natural proportions. It is a perfect relaxing device for your back and spine. Your working days and your intense gaming periods will always require a break or a nap which can easily be taken in this chair.
  • Any problem or the cashback offers are valid for the first thirty days. The installation problems are dealt with by replacement plans. The damaged or missing parts are given by 6 months. Overall, the warranty offer is good.

This particular gaming chair is a good choice for both office and gaming purposes. This model is available in five colors. The colors are black, blue, red, white and gray. The link to one of the best models of gaming chairs.

Furmax Office Chair Desk Leather Gaming Chair, High Back Ergonomic
Furmax Office Chair Desk Leather Gaming Chair, High Back Ergonomic

High back office and gaming chair, leather and bucket seat with padded armrests.


The rating is 5 stars out of 5 stars.

The cost of this desk chair is $229.

The Von Racer is a big and tall foamed Gaming Chair with a highly adjustable tilt. The armrests are adjustable and are of a three-dimensional type. The leather is black and is of very high quality. An executive computer desk is also attached with official features and is of a metal base. It is decidedly the best gaming chair.

The special features and detail of this Gaming chairs are:

  • The updated version is completely padded with memory foam padding. The seat cushion is very comfy and the lumbar pillow is detachable. The curves of this chair will hug every part of your body to keep you in complete relaxation. The cushions support the spine and the back and this will guarantee you a safeguard from the computer hunch.
  • Each and every part of this chair is adjustable. The height, tilt, the rocking mechanism all can be adjusted quite well in this device. The armrest is Three dimensional which means it can be turned in any direction for your comfort. The detachable pillows are adjusted as well to decide on a proper position for your back and spine. The changes are easy to make.
  • The metal frame is integrated and the glass portions used are explosion free. The heavy-duty metal makes up the base which is further attached to caster wheels which allow the device to move without any inconvenience.
  • The maximum weight capacity is 400 lbs
  •  The dimensions are  27.6” x 26.4” x 51.2”- 53.5” inches. The seating area is 21.7” x 20.5” inches, and the high backrest is 23.4” x 33.5” inches large. The chair has large proportions for all kinds of bodies and makes you look like the ultimate boss. It gives a certain gravity to your posture of sitting which is further exemplified by your own personality during games or during office hours.
  • A one year guarantee is provided. The service providers are good. 

This is thus, the king of all gaming chairs. It is available in two colors. This is the best chair presently available. The colors are gray and blue. The link to find this awesome desk chair is :

VON RACER Big and Tall 400lb Memory Foam Gaming Chair
VON RACER Big and Tall 400lb Memory Foam Gaming Chair

Upgrade your gaming experience with this ergonomically designed racing gaming chair.

Cons of gaming chairs

Till now we have been speaking only about the positive side of the Gaming chairs. It is not possible to have a device without any negative qualities. Some cons of having a gaming  chair involve the following points:

  1. The gaming chairs are very expensive. We agree that it is a luxury item that is bought only for the need for comfort and relief. This is not an important device to own at your jokes but the device is always known to be expensive the lower back chairs cost a bit low as you can see in the product details given above. The high back ones are costlier than these too. The price range varies greatly and when the prices increase, they increase quite drastically. Some chairs even reach the price of about four hundred dollars. This is of course in the case of very high-tech models, not the ordinary ones. Sometimes, one might think that it was simply not worth it.
  2. These chairs are not light at all. They are quite heavy and bulky for transportation. Most of them weigh up to almost fifty pounds. You will face problems in moving from one place to another in a room if you have the tendency to move a lot while playing on your console it will be like a small child trying to understand the direction of movement but failing to do so. The lugging movement is weird, and it is always a fact to consider when you are looking for style and comfort alike. Think and rethink your decision. The gaming chair and desk is fragile in its technology. If you ruin it once, you ruin it for all.
  3. Gaming chairs are not small in size. They are quite big in proportions in their average models. If you do not have a designated gaming space in your house, the maintenance of this Gaming chair will become next to impossible. The gaming space will also be mostly occupied with the gaming chair due to its large size.
  4. Another problem is that of shipping. Most of these chairs are produced by American companies that deliver the goods in the American mainland only. This deprived the people of other countries of buying the best gadgets at a lower price. The shipping details are complicated too. This makes the delivery of the product quite tedious and boring process.

These are some important points a buyer must consider before buying a gaming chair. The bad almost never outweigh the good but they must be considered as well to understand the product. You must do ample research before deciding to buy anything. Whatever the cons might be, the best chair will be an excellent addition to your collection of tech-savvy devices. The best gaming chair will make your day.


Gaming chairs are obviously fun. You have to live one when it is in your possession. The chairs are built for the comfort of the gamers and officers alike. The device is made as such so that most of them can enjoy the benefits. But the fact does not change that sitting hours in front of a gaming screen or the office chair can do other than to your body too other than posture issues. Your eyes are also affected when you stare too deeply at a screen and that too for long time intervals. These effects are very long term and can cause you to harm in later time.

These cannot be avoided even if you use the best of all gaming chairs. Addiction to anything is not good. This covers all the bases from games to work. Stress depresses your central nervous system in ways you cannot even imagine. And the psychological stress of being in a game continuously and wanting to win and deciding to ruin just to get an award in a pixel is something you should not really pursue. 

However, the other side of the coin is quite hopeful too. Most of the health hazards are avoided in this case when the gaming chair is so good. Just imagine having no back pain for hours long in spite of sitting constantly in front of a screen or at your desk. This is truly something of a miracle in this age when you can not really indulge in activities which will take care of your physique. When you can take care of your body quite efficiently by sitting on a chair, you must avail of the beneficial effects. 

The various designs are available in the market for your choice of desk chairs. Some of the models are mentioned above for you to choose from. You must study your product in detail before buying one. The device must be compatible with your presence not just due to ratings. Check which are the qualities you want in your Gaming Chair. The proportions can be sent on Amazon.com which provides you with many options to choose from. Select one for your own gaming space and enjoy the delight in experiencing a game, not only playing it.

Keeping in mind, the models keep on updating. You must keep your eye open for the best stuff out in the market. Measure your wants and your budget as well. These chairs are quite expensive. You must plan well in advance before buying any of them. The device must be well maintained. Like any other electronic device, it must be least exposed to the hazards of moisture and environs. Some of these models have built-in a masseuse. Keep your device safe. It’s very fragile in terms of technology. It may be advanced in the built and sturdy in the materials used for its construction. But this does not alter the fact that the mechanism of this device is quite delicate. Keep it in care. Try not to move it much from the desired gaming space at your house. It will save your best gaming chair from any harm.

So, are you still reading? Pack up your wallet and jump into Amazon.com. You are going to find many many choices for your gaming stations. Book one today with ample research. Furnish your room. Find the best gaming chair for your household. The best chair will make your gaming space a smart one. We assure you, the next day your friends come up, they are going to be incredibly jealous of the wonderful Gaming Chair in your possession. 

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Russell James
I’ve been gaming for most of my life. My big brother got me hooked playing games early on, and by the time I was fourteen, I was competing in local gaming competitions. And winning. Yeah, I’m pretty good.

I don’t say that to be cocky, but facts are facts. Anyway, as I entered my twenties, I started having some serious back pain. The docs said it was because my posture was so horrible and I was sitting in one position for far too long. They suggested I stop sitting around, playing my games and do something that required movement. I wasn’t about to do that, playing games all day was my life and my livelihood.

Instead, I went on a quest to find a gaming chair that would give me the support my body was demanding. Along the way, I discovered some pretty cool bells and whistles you can get in a gaming chair.

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