The Pewdiepie name suggests itself that the gaming chair’s name owes to some interesting anecdote or reference to an entity. The guesswork went right for you all because the name of the gaming chair is inherited from Felix Kjellberg. This Swedish YouTuber had the highest number of YouTube subscribers for 5 consecutive years. He used to post gaming and horror videos on his YouTube channel and became famous with the name Pewdiepie. After turning for his gaming videos, Pewdiepie tied up with Clutch Chairz in order to make gaming chairs

Pewdiepie’s gaming chair is pretty famous on YouTube. The chair design was done by Pewdiepie himself and this has become an embracing piece of gaming for many gamers following the YouTuber. The gamer can be seen using the Pewdiepie chairs in many of his YouTube videos and that adds to the curiosity of the potential users towards the product. The passionate gamers want to use the best gaming equipment to enhance the quality of their game. The focus depends a lot on the type of gaming chair they are sitting on because long hours of gaming can cause pain in various parts of the body. The chair contains a broad fist logo, and that seal makes the gaming chair worthy of its owner’s approval.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height High-Back
CLUTCH CHAIRZ Throttle Series Pewdiepie Edition Gaming Chair

Ergonomical design. Lumbar support pillow. Wider seat. Breathable material: leather style vinyl.

About  Pewdiepie’s Game Chair

The Pewdiepie gaming chair is rich in support and softness and they contain foam of high density. Our brain and spinal cord are protected by an outer shell known as the dura. The clutch gaming chairs contain dura leather which looks like real leather. You can clean it provides great flexibility to each body type. Its lumbar cushioning is responsible for making it ergonomic in nature. Your spine gets the right support and this way you get the best material, quality, and shape. Handcrafted workmanship is used in the making of every clutch gaming chair. The chair is durable and beautiful in its design and appearance. Whenever you visit an online store, you look for a chair that is attractive in its designing as well and the Pewdiepie gaming chair has all such character traits that will make you go crazy about it. 

If you are looking for a gaming chair, then you must be looking for certain characteristics that must be there to fulfill your gaming requirements. A perfect chair becomes perfect with a cumulation of features. These include durability, attractive design, comfortable armrests, headrests, base and the softness that can keep you stick to the chair for long hours. Your chair must contain the highest quality material, for example, strong recliner, metal, high-quality leather often termed as premium upholstery, provides right body support to protect your back from pain, great adjustability, memory foam. You can use the Pewdiepie‘s gaming chair for multipurpose. It can be a great comfort for your office cabin. You can relax on the chair while working for long hours on your laptop.

Characteristics of Pewdiepie’s Game Chair

In the paragraphs below, we are going to talk about the various characteristics of Pewdiepie chair that make it an ideal choice for every gamer. Adaptability with which the gaming chair welcomes each of its users is what makes it susceptible to the attraction of all its users. But one cannot simply buy a gaming product just by hearing of its qualities in short. We have provided every particular detail that makes the Pewdiepie gaming chair best for you in this article. After reading it, you can then make an informed decision by yourself. 

1. Tubular Frame

The internal frame of the Pewdiepie gaming chair is welded, and that is because it is made using the heavy gauge steel. The higher the value of gauge, the lesser is its thickness. Every model contains two lever mechanisms along with standard tilt locks. The gauge measurements are done on a retrogressive scale. You thus should buy a Pewdiepie’s gaming chair because it contains a higher metal gauge. The heavy steel gauge chair would be lightweight and this will allow you to move the chair easily from one end to the other. The lightweight frame will also let you store the chair when not in use without much difficulty in lifting it.

Simply take the help of your helper and you would be able to manage the chair. The chair can be taken to various places outside and if you are planning to shift your home or office, then there cannot be any other better option. You thus have plenty of reasons to buy the chair when we put a light upon its exceptional material. For instance, if your gaming chair is made of 30 gauge steel then it will be lighter than a 25 gauge steel chair of the same size. The former one will be welded with thinner metallic sheets. 

Perks of Thinner Metals

The thinner metal sheets are molded easily by the welders and that helps in enhancing the designing of the product by adding more detailing and intricacy. You have all the reasons to buy the Pewdiepie gaming chair that is made using the heavy steel gauge. You do not need to worry regarding the durability of the heavy steel gauge because it is made using sturdy components. It is able to withstand the wear and tear of the daily rigorous conditions. 

2. Headrests and Cushion Support

The Pewdiepie gaming chair is well equipped with lumbar support through cushions and headrests. Our body weight is concentrated on the lumbar region in our sitting position and this makes the cushion support and headrest an essential part of a gaming chair. The head remains in the upward position for long hours while playing and at that time it becomes important for our neck to get the right aid. The headrests of the Pewdiepie’s chair there comes into play. These two chair cushions are made using memory foam. The support cushion fits into the spine region correctly and this further helps in comfortable gaming for long hours.

3. Armrests

The Pewdiepie gaming chair is made using the four-dimensional mechanisms in its armrests. This feature allows the user to adjust the armrests in four different directions as per his/her convenience. The user can freely move the armrests in upwards, downwards, forwards and backward. The user can freely move the armrests upward or downwards whenever he wishes to change the height of the armrests and he can move the chair forward or backward when he needs to adjust the height of the chair. This allows you to enjoy your gaming with the most comfortable arm positioning as per your game and convenience. Each user prefers to put their arms in their preferred positions and at the time they will find the Pewdiepie chair really benefiting. You can change your position frequently and maintain your body gesture while playing sitting on Pewdiepie’s gaming chair.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height High-Back
CLUTCH CHAIRZ Throttle Series Pewdiepie Edition Gaming Chair

Ergonomical design. Lumbar support pillow. Wider seat. Breathable material: leather style vinyl.

The ergonomic feature of this wonderful gaming product is provided from various aspects. You are free to rotate the chair to 10 degrees from both directions. This makes an overall 20-degree motion making it even more ergonomic in nature. Your arms do not dig into the chair and they get plenty of surfaces to rest. In no way, your arms get marks or a sense of discomfort.

4. Heavy-Duty Base

You do not have to worry about the base quality of the chair that is made by the leading brand of gaming chairs. The highly functional chair is designed with a base of heavy-duty. The impervious chair is not susceptible to tipping and is quite stable. It contains 70cm in diameter. You can rest your back whenever you feel like relaxing in the middle of your game or at the office. The Pewdiepie gaming chair provides great support and allows you to lean back with ease. The chair can take the weight of up to 2000lbs. The chair owes its strength and long lastingness to the aluminum used in its making. The chair glides on the floor with the help of the attached wheels that do not leave any impressions or marks on the surface. They are coated with Polyurethane which protects them from leaving marks on wooden flooring.

5. Memory Foam

You get the feeling of floating and flexibility while sitting on the Pewdiepie gaming chair. The chair is made using memory foam of high quality. The foam settles as per your body posture. The user feels comfortable throughout and it owes its softness also to the layer of PU leather. The leather material is except that became exceptionally soft, durable and comfortable. The chair is made using a tilt feature which allows the users to recline the chair as much as he wants. It contains a two-lever mechanism. The downward force in your spine reduces to half when you tilt your chair. The castors are large and that leads to easy maneuverability.

BIFMA Tested

The Pewdiepie’s gaming chair is BIFMA tested, and that makes it a key differentiator from other gaming chairs who stand at the competing edge with Pewdiepie’s chair. The BIFMA certification is helpful in gaining the credible trust of customers. The furniture that is made keeping in mind the standards of BIFMA level certification are made with specific features. The manufacturers have to pass through certain levels to assure that their products will have a sustainable journey. The multiple levels of performance and achievements carry are evaluated on the basis of measurable criteria. The manufacturers have to provide a demonstration for their products by achieving a certain level of certification that is required by third parties. The stringent requirements once met give assurance for the susceptibility of the manufacturing facilities and that’s how customers buy the best quality gaming chair. This makes the Pewdiepie Gaming chair a trustable purchase for its users. 

Why You Should Buy Pewdiepie’s Gaming Chair?

It is important for every user to purchase a chair like this because this gaming chair is customer friendly. It is a premium upholstery, attractive and funky LED setup that makes it the perfect buy for passionate gamers. It is a customized option for all those customers who wish to use a personalized product but does not want to go through the brainwork used in its making. The origins of the Pewdiepie talk themselves for the quality assurance and comfort that comes with this chair. You can utilize this chair at multiple places and for multi-purposes and it is quite durable. You won’t be disappointed by the money you put in its purchase. Pewdiepie’s gaming chair provides a competitive edge to all its rivals in the chair manufacturing market. You should take certain preventive measures despite the fact that you are using the best quality chair for your home and office. 

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height High-Back
CLUTCH CHAIRZ Throttle Series Pewdiepie Edition Gaming Chair

Ergonomical design. Lumbar support pillow. Wider seat. Breathable material: leather style vinyl.

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