Most people are in doubt why the reclining gaming chair is costly than the normal office chair. And here we will clear this doubt completely. Reclining gaming chairs are so much more than just the flashy looks and a unique yet elegant pieces of furniture in the house. There is a reason why the reclining gaming chair with footrest along with other such varieties is prevailing in the market. The importance lies in the comfort that these chairs provide. The comfort that a normal office chair provides can not be compared with that one of the reclining chairs. 

This doubt that people have about gaming chairs is caused by the lack of information about them. They are not well known. So keep reading to clear your doubts and have an ample amount of information about them.  

There are a number of benefits of reclining gaming chair and one of them is that it promotes good health. This is one of the very important key aspects which often go neglected as people are occupied either in their work or in gaming. The reclining chair takes care of that. It will maintain the posture of the person for him/her. These types of chairs are proven to be very good for the back of the person sitting on it. And the ones which are made to provide comfort to the feet are known as reclining gaming chair with footrest. So you see you can get customized reclining chair as well to suit your needs. 

We will see the health benefits that these chairs provide to the human body along with other advantages of having them. But first, we will enrich our knowledge with complete information about the reclining chair. 

Let’s Understand What a Reclining Game Chair Is and Why It Is Hyped?

The history of the gaming chair goes back to the year of 2006. At that time the DXRacer who used to manufacture the seats of luxurious sports cars created a chair that was inspired by the racing games chairs. This chair had the characteristic of utmost comfort and minimal fatigue. The design of this chair was copied from the one that of racing game chairs. At that time the main targeted audience for this gaming chair was the people who spent long hours playing games online. As they are the ones who need it the most. These people get so engrossed in playing their game that they completely forget they have been sitting in the wrong posture for a really long time and that it is causing the back pain and strain on their neck eyes.

This is another benefit of the reclining game chair that it makes the user sit in such a manner that their eyes are at a proper angle with the screen. This would help to reduce the strain that the eyes suffer from on a regular basis due to inappropriate angle and posture. 

Going back to the origin, initial gaming chairs had the following mentioned features:

  • Maintains decent sitting posture 
  • Promotes optimal blood flow
  • Provides different position modes such as
  • Higher back support
  • An adequate amount of padding
  • Cushion support for the neck and lumbar area
  • It was quite comfortable and had a striking design

These were the characteristics and traits of the initial gaming chairs. Now it has become much more advanced as time passed and technology bought in new innovations along with it. The gaming chairs these days include the reclining gaming chair, in-built speakers and controls to play the game smoothly without any disturbance.

One drastic change that has taken place is that these chairs are no longer restricted to use at the time of playing games but they can be used in the office, at home or at educational institutes by the students, etc. as well.  And the main reason behind this is the comfort that they provide. Esports gamers are not the only people who spent long hours sitting in one chair, the employees in the office especially spend a larger portion of their 24 hours daily by sitting in one position, working on their computers or laptops. And students or programmers who spend a lot of their time in coding and making different applications or programs also need a comfortable and appropriate sitting arrangement. 

This is why there is so much hype about the gaming chair and the reclining chair. Now we will identify some features that the premium and pocket-friendly chairs offer, along with information that we will learn about the reclining gaming chair with footrest. 

Features of today’s gaming chairs that recline and have a footrest

  • Promotes a sitting posture that is free from fatigue and provides the utmost comfort. 
  • The position of the legs is such that the blood flow is uninterrupted. 
  • User can easily shift between a working position and a relaxation one 
  • The gaming chairs these days can provide support to or hold people who weigh more than 300 pounds.
  • Their surface is smooth and glossy along with a design made of faux leather

Now let’s understand what is meant by a reclining gaming chair with footrest. Most of it is quite clear by the name itself. That this one is a gaming chair that can be reclined as per requirement along with that it has extra support and padding for the legs and as well as the feet. Most of the gaming chairs do not provide support for the legs but the ones that do lack the comfort for the feet. But the reclining gaming chair with footrest has it all. Along with comfort for the neck, back and legs it provides comfort for the feet as well. This is the specialty of this chair. It is one of the many varieties in which the gaming chairs come. One other such variety is known as reclining gaming chair with ottoman.

What Would Happen If You Use a Poor Quality Chair?

Till now we have been discussing what are gaming chairs what is the benefit of using a reclining chair, etc. But what would happen if you do not use them? This would help you better understand their usability and importance. So let’s go through the effects that one would have on his health by using the poor quality chair in place of good quality chairs such as the gaming chairs. 

  1. Pressure
    Our lower back and spine are in continuous pressure all throughout the day. And our spine specifically focuses on keeping our head at the appropriate level to work on the system. In turn, the position of the back gets very poor. This inappropriate position leads to health problems in the future. People neglect the back pain that they have due to this and often end up with chronic back pain and diseases.
  2. Comfort
    One of the very important things is to be completely comfortable in your sitting position whether you are working or playing. This is because a person works best only when he/she is in a proper state of mind. And if you are not comfortable, then you are probably not at ease with yourself. This would hamper you to work properly or play to the best of your skills. The uncomfortable sitting position is one of the reasons why you subconsciously want to rush out of your office without even realizing the real cause of it.
  3. Fatigue and Soreness
    If you are getting proper sleep, timely then there could be other reasons behind the fatigue and soreness that you are feeling. Soreness can occur due to prolonged hours of sitting in one position and especially one that is uncomfortable. And the more you sit, the more uncomfortable it becomes. And then the pain starts to take place in your body. All of this causes tiredness because your body is trying to hold up and compensate for all of it.
  4. Pain in muscles and joints
    Poor sitting posture not only causes strain to the eyes but puts stress on our muscles and joints as well. Inturn the muscles and joints are forced to work harder under such conditions. This slowly takes the shape of chronic back pain along with aches in the legs, shoulders, arms, and neck.
  5. Poor circulation
    Poor sitting posture restricts the blood to flow smoothly. This can result in the varicose vein which is more common among women. Optimal blood flow is necessary for a healthy body.  Restrictive blood flow can lead to many other diseases as well. That is why it is important that you sit in the right posture and that should support optimal blood flow in your body.
  6. Depression
    As unbelievable as it sounds, it is true. This has been proven by a number of case studies conducted that have shown how poor sitting posture is related to the development of negative emotions on our body. For example, when you look at the body language of a person, it says a lot about them, a person who sits upright gives an impression of energy, positivity and alertness, whereas a person who slouches down gives completely opposite vibes of negativity, lethargy and he/she also tends to gain weight.

So you see how sitting in the wrong posture can lead to severe health hazards. This is why gaming chairs were introduced and gained so much hype. Now let’s learn about this another type gaming chair known as the reclining gaming chair with ottoman.

Benefits of a Reclining Game Chair with Optional Ottoman

Firstly, let’s understand what is an ottoman. This one is a stylish item of furniture that usually have no arms or back just a cushion or a padded seat. And these ottomans are known to provide relief to back pain. Some benefits of using such a kind of seating arrangement are mentioned below:

1. Reclining gaming chair with ottoman promotes the right sitting postures for people of all sizes and shapes. It does not matter if you are short or tall, you will be able to sit comfortably on it and will look good as well. Reclining chair with ottoman is one of the characteristics of all gaming chairs, it will enhance your appearance and add to the beauty of your place.

2. Reclining gaming chair with ottoman is made by keeping in mind the ergonomic study and it also comes in a wide variety. So it would provide you with the utmost comfort and eradicate the arise of fatigue as much as possible. The reclining gaming chair with ottoman is one that comes in a number of unique beautiful designs and at the same time provides maximum comfort as well.

3. You can also use the ottoman by placing it in front of your chair to provide rest and comfort to your feet. With the help of an ottoman, you are able to keep your legs in place along with maintaining the right posture.

Whether you are looking at the store or online, how would you decide that this is a genuine and perfect chair? How can you ensure that it will cater to your needs? To get answers to these questions, read on. 

How to Choose the Right Gaming Chair?

To get a profound sitting experience it is important that you buy the right type of chair. And the best one would enable you to sit comfortably for long hours without getting tired. Sitting on a good, comfortable chair will not make you stand up in every short while to heal your sore back or give it a break as you won’t be needing any. Supreme comfort is the topmost priority. In this section, we will let you know what all you should look for when you go out to purchase a reclining game chair or search for one over the internet. Let’s go through these points to be considered one by one:

  1. Price
    Both types of chairs are available in the market. One that costs you a bit too much and the ones that will prove to be pocket-friendly. Both types of chairs are suitable but according to a different audience. If you are not one that needs it for a really long time like around 6 hours or more than you can go for the cheaper one as you don’t need to spend much on it.
    But if you need it for a longer duration, then you should go for the expensive one as this one is equipped with a number of features such adjustment options, a precise fit, long-lasting padding, etc.
    So the price part depends upon your usage if you need to sit for just a few hours, then a cheaper chair will do otherwise for a full-time working chair go for the costly one as it will serve you better.
  2. Size
    Only with the right size, you will be able to take full benefits of the reclining chair. This is mostly based on the height of the backrest. With a perfect size chair, you will able to get the support from cushions and set your feet on the ground. Also, the fitting of the net pillow can not be neglected, choose a chair whose height of backrest is appropriate to get the support of the neck pillow.
  3. The armrest should be adjustable
    The armrests also play a significant role. They absorb the load of weight from the back. Also, adjustable armrests are required so that the wrists are positioned aptly. This would keep the Carpal tunnel syndrome at bay. In this syndrome, the median nerves are pressurized which causes pain and swelling and weakening of the wrists.
    Now cheaper chairs will offer you just one adjustment while the expensive ones will provide movement in all 4 directions. The advantage of this is that it offers more flexibility. But if you want to go for a less expensive one, then it is also a good option rather than the normal office chair.
  4. The seat of the chair
    Ever noticed why you feel pins in your leg sometimes or why does it fall asleep. The reason behind this could be poor padding of the chair you sit on. Normal office chairs are not strong enough to be used continuously for long hours. It hampers the blood flow in your legs and hence needle and pain occur. While checking the seat of the reclining gaming chair you are going to buy look for cold foam in it. The compressive capability and durability of the cold foam are the highest.
  5. Backrest
    The backrest of the chair should improve the alignment of your back. There are two things to be noticed here. First, the outlining of the backrest should support the natural curve of your back with an adjustable headrest and pillows for the lower back. And secondly, it should have different reclining options. The ideal working angle for working on a PC lies between 100° to 110°. So make sure you are not fooled by cheaper chairs claiming the reclining angle of 180°.
  6. Cushions for Support
    The purpose of these pillows is to provide support against the backrest of the chair. The work of the backrest is to comfort back, neck and shoulder whereas the pillows are used to comfort the curves of the spine. They are positioned alongside lower back and right above the shoulders. After this, you can enjoy the different reclining options available.
    Now at the time of purchasing the reclining gaming chair look for its composition, it should be made of memory foam that too of high quality.

Some of the Reclining Game Chairs

Ergonomic Office Chair PC Gaming Chair

Ergonomic Office Chair PC Gaming Chair

This chair is equipped with adjustable lumbar support. The reclining options available for this one ranges from 90° to 155°. The body is covered with premium leather. It can provide support for up to 250lbs. You will need to assemble it but that is easy to do with their step-by-step manual. It is available in a number of colors for you to choose from. The chair can be used for office purpose or gaming. The chair also has footrest support as well.

Ergonomic Office Chair PC Gaming Chair
Ergonomic Office Chair PC Gaming Chair

Our brand-new ergonomic racing chair is thickly cushioned for maximum comfort. Heavy duty steel frame with high density foam.

Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair

Homall Ergono

This chair can have reclining angles from 90° to 180° with a 360° swivel. The advantage of this one is that it has an adjustable armrest along with the deeper seat and thicker footrest. It can hold up to 300 lbs and seems a perfect fit for gaming or official purposes. The headrest pillow and the cushion for the lower back can be removed as per requirement. Covered in high-quality PU leather. It is available in two variants at the moment that is Black and Blue.

Homall Ergono
Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair Pu Leather Bucket Seat

100% PU leather. 90-180 degree adjustable backrest. Heavy duty steel frame with high density foam.

ELECWISH Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair

ELECWISH Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair, PU Leather High Back Office Racing Chairs

This one is a large size chair that can hold up to 330 lbs. It has features such as retractable footrest, adjustable lumbar support, and backrest, 360° swivels, etc. Mainly designed to be used at the time of playing video games and working for long hours in the office.

ELECWISH Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair, PU Leather High Back Office Racing Chairs
ELECWISH Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair

LARGE SIZE. Ergonomic video game computer racing chair with retractable footrest. Removable headrest.

Wrapping it up

So we came to know almost everything about the reclining gaming chair and how can you choose the right one for you. And why is it better than the normal office chair along with a number of other benefits? So go ahead and purchase the gaming chair for better health and quality gaming experience.

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